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Based in Fairlawn, Ohio, KoroGraphics provides digital wallcovering solutions designed to make your walls, ceilings, and windows come alive with stunning visual color and quality. Architects, interior designers, contractors, and facility managers have turned to KoroGraphics time and again for assistance with projects of all scopes and sizes.

KoroGraphics will enhance almost any environment, while providing a unique micro-finish engraving treatment that yields state-of-the-art image quality and life to your digitally applied image. Our commercial grade wallcovering was specifically developed for today's wide-format digital printers and ink systems. More than 50 years of contract wallcovering experience has been formulated into KoroGraphics Digital Wallcoverings to make high impact printing applications and job site installations a simple print-ship-install process.

A Division of Koroseal Interior Products, LLC

KoroGraphics Digital Wallcoverings are manufactured by Koroseal Interior Products. As a manufacturer of numerous commercial interior building products, Koroseal Interior Products' core brands are well-respected and have prominent histories spanning 50 years. They are well-known throughout architectural and contract interior design firms the world over for color, design, texture and quality. The same commitment to life safety, fire safety, stringent code compliance, and technical innovation has been engineered into all KoroGraphics Digital Wallcoverings.

News & Events

Korographics Obtains IMO Certification
10/9/13 - Korographics meets International Maritime Organization fire test procedures and achieves the Wheelmark of Conformity. The Wheelmark of Conformity enables Korographics to be specified and utilized on marine vessels.

Korographics Obtains NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard
10/9/13 - The Wallcoverings Association created the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard to provide transparency and promote continuous improvement in environmental sustainability. This certification was created through coordination with third party organizations for testing products and processes. The level of sustainability is based on six factors: product design, product manufacturing, long-term value, end-of-life management, corporate governance, and innovation. Korographics is pleased to announce compliance with this standard as part of our initiative to drive sustainability in the industry.

Korographics Exhibits at SGIA Booth 1949
8/26/13 - Korographics will be attending the SGIA trade show in Orlando as an exhibitor. Located at booth 1949, the top large format media experts will be available to discuss details on the media, technical questions, digital wallcovering growth opportunities, and any other questions you may have. Stop by to receive free samples and see the newest products being introduced!

Korographics Featured in Digital Output Magazine
6/24/13 - The June edition of Digital Output Magazine presented a focus on digitally printed wallcoverings. They describe the various media available and the benefits associated with each. Korographics is cited in the Stick, Cling, & Paste article on the topic of durability and clean-ability of wallcoverings. The Buyer's Guide at the end of the magazine also features a brand new Korographics advertisement. Consult the ad and call one of our dedicated customer service representatives to see how any of our eleven patterns can enhance your customer's interiors!

Korographics Participates in Co-Marketing Activities with Hewlett Packard
5/9/13 - Korographics is continuing to engage in efforts with printer manufacturer Hewlett Packard to further the printable digital wallcovering market. HP will be producing a new swatch book of recommended wallcovering media for their printers and Korographics will have three patterns featured Abaco Beach, Chubb Rocks, and Artist Canvas. At the upcoming WantedDesign Event, May 17-20 in NYC, HP is sponsoring a workshop for designers, manufacturers and decorators to WOW your customers with custom wallcoverings. Korographics media will be on display at this event with swatch books available. For more information visit: http://2013.wanteddesignnyc.com/workshops/

Korographics Moves to Simpler Price Structure
5/9/13 - There are eleven unique textures in the Korographics line. Traditionally, they have been different price points with the heavier embosses being priced higher than the stipple and smooth finish. We have revised our pricing strategy to move all of our textures to the same price point! Mogahello or Artist Canvas will now cost the same as Abaco Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about drywall preparation?
A: The smoother the better is a solid guideline for drywall preparation. The construction industry's standard terminology for drywall preparation is Level 4 to be used for the light to heavy textured SKU's and Level 5 for the smooth / glossy SKU's including Glassed Out. A suitable primer is absolutely mandatory. Water based paints ARE NOT a suitable primer for wallcovering installations. Depending on the type of substrate, there are a considerable number of brand-name primers. These include: Sherwin-Williams, Kelly-Moore, Glidden, and Benjamin-Moore. They are water-based acrylic and water-based latex in composition. In most cases, they dry comparatively quickly when compared to earlier generation oil-based primers.

Q: Will KoroGraphics wallcovering media hide drywall imperfections?
A: Typically, wallcoverings do not bridge noticeable drywall imperfections. However, a little drywall mud and primer will go a long way. In some cases a few heavy textures will provide some fractional coverage. The heaviest textures have incrementally more hiding capabilities than other less textured SKU's. However, they should not be considered a fix-all solution for heavily damaged walls. The choice of colors, images, and interior lighting or exposure to exterior lighting, can affect the degree of the material's hiding capabilities. When in doubt, fixing dry wall imperfections is usually a fast and relatively simple process.

Q: How much does it cost to install?
A: There can be wide variations from market to market. Union versus non-union scale contractors, actual size, duration and configuration of the installation, drywall condition, access to job site, and other factors all contribute to the final cost equation. Local quality paint stores can provide baseline unit cost for estimating purposes.

Q: How difficult is the material to remove?
A: The use of a quality primer and strippable version of the actual adhesive will minimize the effort required to remove the printed media and the damage inflicted to the drywall substrate. It is strongly recommended to use a strippable adhesive for ease of removal and reinstallation.

Q: Are primers and adhesives water-based?
A: Yes. Many primers and adhesives have low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compound) and are relatively fast drying for most products.

Q: How much do they weigh?
A: Thirty-yard rolls weigh 41.6 pounds. Sixty-yard rolls weigh 83.2 pounds. One-hundred-yard rolls weigh 138 pounds.

Q: What is the core size?
A: There is a three inch ID core on all rolls.

Q: How wide is the material?
A: The material is 52"-54" wide with a plus or minus quarter of an inch variation.

Q: What are the width tolerances from dye lot to dye lot?
A: No more than a quarter of an inch variance should be expected from production run to production run.

Q: Will my printed image look the same on all KoroGraphics textured media?
A: No. KoroGraphics unique collection of dimensional textures allows considerable latitude in influencing the appearance of the finished printed image. Some textures will absorb light while others will reflect and or refract light. Some experimentation with the various textures will provide dramatic options for the impact of the finished printed image.

Q: What constitutes a suitable digital wallcovering for commercial interiors?
A: Certified commercial-grade products are critical for a successful application with regards to fire codes, building codes, life safety, fire safety, and product liability considerations. KoroGraphics digital wallcovering media will provide long-term value in the vast majority of commercial environments and were specifically developed for solvent, eco-solvent, and UV digital printers.

Q: What constitutes a suitable digital wallcovering for residential interiors?
A: Residential wallcoverings are quite often lighter duty versions of commercial-grade wallcoverings. KoroGraphics digital wallcovering media will work equally as well in fashionable high-end residential installations or in most commercial applications. The important consideration is to use a product, such as KoroGraphics, which is specifically engineered for use with digital printers.

Q: How are digital wallcoverings installed?
A: The technique has been around for decades and uses hand tools, water based primers, and adhesives that are readily available at all quality paint stores. Overlapping and double cutting is the term for the installation process. Please visit the installation section portion of our site for a full understanding of the process.

Q: Who installs digital wallcoverings?
A: Commercial painting contractors and residential wallpaper hangers are the most common source of qualified installers.

Q: How do I find a qualified wallcovering installer?
A: There is a substantial network of qualified installers available. There are numerous painting contractors that work in the commercial and residential market channels. Some of the quality residential contractors are associated with the better quality paint stores and design centers. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America usually has local chapters in most metropolitan markets and can be found in the Yellow Pages. The Professional Guild of Paperhangers has a Web site with local contact information and is a good source to locate experienced installers.

Q: What are several suitable primer and adhesives for successful installations?
A: Please refer to the technical section on the KoroGraphics Web site for additional detailed product information. All good quality paint stores have a range of suitable primers available for a broad range of substrates. There are two manufacturers of commercial grade wallcovering adhesives. Their products are private labeled as many store brands. The strippable versions of the adhesives will enhance the future removal of the material when it is time to update the image on the wall.

Q: What are the tools required for installing digital wallcoverings?
A: Wallcoverings are installed using simple hand tools that are readily available in all quality paint stores. These include: painter's tape, drop cloth, razor blades, straight edge, paint tray, and roller / brush for primers. You may also want a knap roller for adhesive application and a sea sponge for cleaning adhesives. A bucket of warm clean water will also be helpful during the cleanup process. Change the water frequently. When trimming the panels during the installation process caution should be used to avoid scoring the sheet rock facing paper.

Q: How can KoroGraphics contribute to life safety?
A: The Early Warning Effect™ heat detection system can sense overheated wiring and other potentially dangerous pre-fire conditions. Please see the detailed information in our technical section.

Q: What is the process for exterior wall applications / installations?
A: Most exterior wall applications follow standard commercial construction processes. In potentially humid environments, there are options to enhance the probability of a successful long-term installation. High-performance primers and adhesives can be used in conjunction with the additional process of micro-venting. Please see micro-venting details in the adhesive-primers guidelines and the technical section.

Q: What are the roll sizes?
A: KoroGraphics is available in three roll sizes including: 15 lineal yards, 30 lineal yards, 60 lineal yards, and 100 lineal yards. Samples come in 5 yard rolls.

Q: Do KoroGraphics meet building codes?
A: Yes. Most KoroGraphics digital wallcovering media meet or exceed all applicable local, state, and federal commercial building codes. Class A compliant and UL-Listed KoroGraphics digital wallcoverings provide peace of mind and long lasting value.

Q: Do KoroGraphics meet fire codes?
A: Yes. Most KoroGraphics digital wallcovering media meet or exceed all local, state, and federal fire codes for Class A compliance. Certified compliance and Class A listing by Underwriters Laboratories for all KoroGraphics Type 2 vinyl wallcoverings provides peace of mind and helps to reduce liability. KoroGraphics digital wallcovering media have also passed NFPA 101 Life Safety Code requirements, the ASTM-E-84 Tunnel Test, the CAN S102M Tunnel Test, and the NFPA 286 Corner Burn Test.

Q: Are KoroGraphics a durable wallcovering option?
A: KoroGraphics certified commercial grade Type 2 digital wallcoverings are suitable for the vast majority of retail, healthcare, hospitality, corporate, and residential interiors. The choice of ink systems will determine the next level of product durability. There is a wide range of durability provided by the various ink systemswhen applied to KoroGraphics. As a general rule, a suitable liquid laminate should be applied to the finished printed image to provide protection from jobsite installation procedures and long-term abrasion/staining cycles.

Q: Is there a machine for applying liquid laminates?
A: There are a number of liquid laminate machines on the market. Most regional and national distributors have platforms that will apply liquid laminates. Check with your local representative for information.

Q: What size RIP should I configure?
A; Fifty-two inches wide is a good starting point. The image will need an inch or so of bleed on each side to allow for the overlap and double cutting installation process.

Q: Can I print from edge to edge?
A: This is not recommended. The previously mentioned installation process of overlap and double cut cannot be used when the material is printed from edge to edge. The final appearance of the seams will be better when the material is installed using the overlap and double cut process versus butting the seams.

Q: What level of UV resistance can I expect?
A: UV resistance is a function of the digital ink system and liquid laminate topical treatment applied to the KoroGraphics® digital wallcovering media. KoroGraphics digital wallcovering media have UV stabilizers when manufactured. However, they are usually obscured by the application of digital ink.

Q: How easy is KoroGraphics to clean?
A: Cleanability depends on the ink system and/or liquid laminate that is selected to be applied to the KoroGraphics® digital wallcovering media. When in doubt, the application of a liquid laminate will require lower maintenance for long-term installations.

Q: When are liquid laminates suggested?
A: As a general rule, KoroGraphics® recommends a liquid laminate if the finished print is going to be exposed to impact, abrasion, or staining agents. There are a number of quality liquid laminates available from several well-known manufacturers.

Q: Can I apply liquid laminates by hand?
A: It is possible to hand apply some liquid laminates using a hand roller. Use a fine knap sausage type paint roller. Heavy textures are more difficult to hand apply.

Q: How many rolls are on a pallet?
A: There are 21 30-yard rolls per pallet, 17 60-yard rolls per pallet, and 14100-yard rolls per pallet.

Q: What are lead times?
A: Most of the KoroGraphics® digital wallcovering media SKUs are in stock. If they are out of stock, the average lead time is three to four weeks.

Q: Will the textures harm my print heads?
A: When print heads are set to the recommended X-Rite profile configurations, you should have no trouble. Most head height settings are at the full up / highest position on most printers.

Q: Does KoroGraphics® have a pressure sensitive version?
A: Not at this time. Options are currently being evaluated for long-term performance and installation considerations.

Q: Will Korographics media have the same color from run to run?
A: Korographics® works to keep our color tolerance very tight with a goal of +/- 0.5 D/E from a predetermined standard. However, due to the inherent nature of vinyl and the manufacturing process, color can vary. You may adjust your process to compensate for any minor variations.

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